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Core 4

We all want to achieve optimal health. We want to live healthier, longer, have an abundance of energy to enjoy an active lifestyle, and be resistant to seasonal challenges. To reach that goal we need to support our body’s properly functioning systems with world-class nutrition. This is what led to the creation of our Core 4 philosophy.

The products included in our Core 4 have been shown to provide powerful support to our stem cell rejuvenation system, support both the digestive and immune systems and deliver an abundance of antioxidants which are critical for overall cellular health.*

Build Your Core for Optimal Health

Give your body the foundational nutrition it needs.

Defy aging naturally and create optimal health with our Core 4 products.

To experience optimal health in our modern world, we must go beyond just a daily multi-vitamin and offer our body the nutritional support it needs to keep all of its systems running at peak performance. The Core 4 collection from RBC Life does exactly that.

Total Body Support

  • Stem cell production
  • Antioxidant protection
  • Immune support
  • Energy and balance


Everyone I know who has taken the Core 4 for 90 days or more has had good results from feeding there body with rich nutrition.

Sue & Marvin S.


Core 4 pack

It starts with premium stem cell nutrition in the form of a research-backed supplement, Stem-Kine. Stem
cells are an area of great interest from both scientists and those in dire need of a health breakthrough.
The intrigue behind stem cells led to the development of a nutritional product like no other. Stem-Kine is
an all-natural supplement that has been shown in published research to increase circulating stem cells –
your body’s primary repair and renewal system. Stem-Kine offers a way to improve your health that has
never before been possible as it supports your body’s own stem cell production. RBC Life’s founder,
Clinton Howard, is best known for his passion for Aloe vera. He is responsible for the early research into
the benefits of aloe and spent years dedicated to the isolation of its most powerful component. That
discovery, Acemannan, has proven to provide incredible immune support. Utilizing Acemannan and
other research-backed plants and extracts, RBC Life created the most effective immune supportive
product available – VitAloe. It combines polysaccharides, herbs and the unmatched power of our aloe
extract to support optimal digestion and immunity. Before antioxidants were a household word, RBC Life
developed the most powerful antioxidant protection available, Microhydrin. This cutting edge product is
a unique mineral-based antioxidant that has been shown to combat the most damaging free radicals our
bodies face in this modern world. Protection from the cellular damage of free radicals is critical to
maintaining optimal health and no product does this as effectively as Microhydrin. Many companies
have a nutritional beverage, but none can touch the benefits of OliViva. Boasting an incredible 119,000
ORAC units per bottle, OliViva is unsurpassed in its antioxidant power. This unique nutritional juice is
rich in fresh olive leaf, one of the most legendary botanicals in the world. Olive leaf has been praised for
its ability to support the immune system, boost energy, balance the digestive tract and support heart
health. One ounce of OliViva offers the antioxidant potency of over 10 servings of fruits and vegetables.
This unique collection of research-backed products is designed to nourish our body’s vital systems and
lay the foundation for you to experience optimal health.

Build Your Core for Optimal Health

Give your body the foundational nutrition it needs.


I take the Core 4 and love them so much. They help me to feel healthier and not as tired. Now with the Core 4 my energy is always up until nighttime. Thanks RBC Life!

Joan W.