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Colo-Vada Plus Colon Cleanse (2) 

Key Benefits:

• Helps cleanse internal residue & toxins
• Improve regularity
• Revitalize overall health

What is it?
Colo-Vada is a highly effective 14 day total body cleanse system. This best selling product has helped millions of people detox and cleanse their bodies and help regain their health.

What is it formulated to do?
Colo-Vada Cleanse System has been expertly formulated to help you achieve radiant health through cleansing and detoxification. Ridding the body of accumulated toxins and restoring proper digestive function is imperative for health.

Who may benefit?
Most people can benefit from a semi-annual or seasonal cleanse to rid the body from harmful toxins and accumulated waste products.

How is it used?
Colo-Vada is conveniently pre packaged for easy and hassle-free cleansing. Phase 1 packets are used for the first 7 days to detoxify the body. Phase 2 packets and the enclosed powder drinks are used for 4 days to draw toxins out through the bowels. Phase 3 packets are taken for 3 days to restore proper digestion.