Over 30

Supports Cardiovascular Health

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Key Benefits:
Age-defying supplementation*
Enhance fat and sugar metabolism*
Provide powerful protection for your heart.*

What is it?
Over 30 is a unique formula combining specific amino acids, vitamins and herbs in a delicious powdered drink mix.

What is it formulated to do?
This formula provides the nutrients that support your blood vessels and arteries. In addition it provides the nutritional building blocks to create growth stimulating messengers and factors for neurotransmitters to calm and relax you.*

Who may benefit?
Anyone over the age of 30 may benefit from this product, particularly those who wish to support their heart health and maintain their youth.

How is it used?
Over 30 dissolves quickly in warm or cold water and has a very pleasant citrus-flavored taste. Add 1 packet to 6 - 8 oz of water. Consume at bedtime for relaxing sleep.