Strengthen, Build, Define

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Key Benefits:
Maximizes protein formation*
Increases strength*
Supports reduction of body fat*

What is it?
Protivity is a unique blend of vegetarian, crystalline amino acids including all nine essential amino acids and two conditionally essential amino acids. It is an excellent pre and post workout supplement, providing easily absorbable amino acids - the building blocks for muscles.*

What is it formulated to do?
Based on the latest research, Protivity contains the ideal blend of essential and conditionally essential amino acids to support the formation of healthy protein and building of muscle.*  Crystalline amino acids are soluble and easily absorbed for maximum protein support.
Who may benefit?
Anyone who wants to build muscle will notice greater results from their workouts with Protivity. It provides the building blocks of protein without excess calories or additional burden on the body.*

How is it used?
Take 5 caplets with an 8 – 12 oz glass of water each day 20 minutes before strength training. For those who want additional amino acid support, take another 5 caplets after your training session ends.