Pure Focus & Energy

Nutrients and Herbs for Mental Energy, Clarity and Focus

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Key Benefits:
• Enhanced focus
• Greater energy
• Mental clarity and performance

What is it?
Pure Focus & Energy is so much more than an energy drink. It’s brain fuel. This all-natural product was created with the goal of giving you the mental clarity, focus and energy you need to take on your day fully alert and engaged. Pure Focus and Energy gives you a delicious kick-start for your day by providing specific amino acids, active B vitamins, herbs and naturally sourced caffeine from tea for the perfect combination of energy enhancing and focus producing nutrients.

Nutrition for Your Brain
Pure Focus & Energy is a unique formula that will help you focus on the task at hand with the mental and physical energy you need to accomplish more in your busy day. All without feeling overly stimulated or jittery. This delicious, berry-flavored drink contains active brain health ingredients including Acetyl-L-Carnitine, L-Theanine, DMAE, Rhodiala Rosea, and Green Tea.

Empty one packet into 8 – 12 oz. of water and enjoy. Best taken before noon as it contains the caffeine comparable to 2 cups of black tea.