HydraCel (4 oz)

Alkalize & Hydrate

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Key Benefits:
Improves alkalinity of drinking water*
Lowers surface tension of water for improved hydration*

What is it?
HydraCel is a unique alkaline liquid that can help improve the pH of water.

What is it formulated to do?
HydraCel can help improve the alkalinity (pH) of water. Adding HydraCel to drinking water enhances its ability to hydrate the body. It reduces the surface tension (the strength between the water molecules) of water for increased hydration.*

Who may benefit?
Water is our most important nutrient and is essential for our health and vitality. Anyone who wants to improve the hydration of their drinking water will benefit from HydraCel.*

How is it used?
Add 1 drop of HydraCel per ounce of water.