Phycotene Creme

Soothing Moisture with Phycotene Extract

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Key Benefits:
Powerful antioxidant for the skin*
Deeply moisturizing for the face and body
Contains Organic sweet almond oil

What is it?
Phycotene Crème is a deeply moisturizing crème featuring organic sweet almond oil, vitamin E and a unique complex called Phycotene.

What is it formulated to do?
Phycotene Crème has been formulated to supply antioxidant nutrients directly to the skin in a soothing body and face crème.

Who may benefit?
Everyone’s skin can benefit from the antioxidant protection of naturally derived plant pigments. Phycotene Crème offers a way to enjoy topical protection utilizing this unique complex of plant pigments.

How is it used?
Apply liberally to the face and body as often as desired.