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Family Collection


Are you looking for more joy and peace in your life as we navigate these challenging times?

We want you to experience the peace of knowing you are doing everything possible to support your family’s health. It’s clear that caring for our immune systems is the key to protecting our health. That’s why we have put together a collection of products that offers a simple and effective nutritional program based on the latest research.

We all need a simple solution for protecting our family. Along with healthy eating habits, movement, rest and spiritual connection, supplementation supports our efforts to create a fit and healthy life. Our Immune Support Collection combines 3 powerful, time-tested and research-backed supplements to nourish your body, boost your energy and protect your health.

Your Family Collection contains a 30-day supply for 3 – 4 people (depending on ages and preferences) of our most popular immune support products for a simple, well-rounded and complete regimen to support your family’s health.

You will save 5% over buying each product individually.

  • 3 - Immune Shield
    • Vitamins, minerals and superfoods that are proven to support immune health
  • 1 – Endurance Plus 120 and 1 Endurance Plus 60 caps
    • Powerful antioxidant which helps the body defend itself on a cellular level
  • 1 – Spirulina 500 tabs
    • Nutrient-dense superfood that has been shown to boost energy and vitality


Price: $226