Home Team
Clinton Howard
Founder and Chairman
Clinton Howard earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and Chemistry at Rice University while working nights as a medical laboratory technician. He pursued a graduate program in Medical Art at Johns Hopkins Medical School, followed by two years at Southwestern Medical School, graduating with a Master’s Degree in Biomedical Communication. In 1958 he founded American Biomedical Corporation, the first national network of clinical laboratories. As a community volunteer, he served six years as founding President of the Irving Community Hospital, during its financing, construction and initial operation, which today is Baylor Medical Center at Irving. He sold his interest in the laboratories, and in 1974 founded Avacare, a skin care and supplement company. He was appointed by the Governor to serve for six years on the original Texas Air Control Board which wrote the regulations that helped reduce air pollution in Texas. In 1981 he established the research laboratory which discovered acemannan in aloe vera. He sold the skin care business and changed the name of Avacare to Carrington Laboratories with a new line of aloe-based wound care products. In 1991 he sold his interest in Carrington and founded RBC Life Sciences.
Steve Brown
President and Chief Executive Officer
Steve was recently named as President of RBC Life Sciences. He had served as CFO and VP of Finance since joining the company in 1994, and also served as Executive Vice President. Prior to joining the company, Steve served as vice president of finance, treasurer, chief financial officer and was a member of the board of directors for Carrington Laboratories Inc. He became a certified public accountant during the 1980s and was previously associated with an international accounting firm.
Don Clark
Chief Information Officer
Don brings more than two decades of information technology experience to his position. During the 1980s, he produced a number of successful software titles addressing industrial automation and office productivity. He was also involved in a systems integration firm where he managed the engineering and build-out of computer networks in financial institutions nationwide. During the 1990s, he spearheaded the software and hardware integration for more than 100,000 workstations for a prestigious financial institution, which earned him recognition from Microsoft and others for pioneering new technologies and processes.
Greg Johnson
Managing Director of Asia Pacific
Greg Johnson has a long history of success in business. In the 80’s, he ran a very successful real estate company in Western Australia. In the 90’s, his R&D company created technology to detect explosives and drugs in post offices and airports across the globe. He soon began following a passion of his in searching for a renewable resource. He found it in bamboo and partnered with Anji Hangzhou China. They raised millions of dollars to build a state of the art factory began selling bamboo flooring all over the world. Greg and his partner own the patent on strand woven bamboo flooring. After spending 10 years in China, he saw the potential of different products that could be brought to the world, and he is now passionate about building RBC Life Asia.

Core Values

Our Core Values are at the heart of everything we do at RBC Life, and they guide every decision we make.

  1. Our true PURPOSE is to help our Members build a healthy, happy, balanced life. We believe that work is only one aspect of life and that health, wellness and family should always remain priority.

  2. Our goal is EXCELLENCE in everything we do. We work hard to ensure that our products and business opportunity remain unsurpassed in our industry. We work passionately to bring you the best.

  3. We exist only because of the efforts of our Members in sharing our products with others. We generously reward and RECOGNIZE them for their hard work and treat them like family.

  4. We believe we offer the most BENEFICIAL products by harnessing all that nature offers for optimum health. The latest in scientific advancements allow us to deliver those nutrients in pure, convenient products.

  5. We will never sacrifice quality for profit. We invest heavily into our QUALITY control testing and will never sell a product that is of questionable safety or potency. The health of our Members is our top priority.

  6. We will operate with INTEGRITY and be honest with our Members and our Corporate Office teams. Honest communication is the cornerstone of a family, and we strive to create that atmosphere at RBC Life.

  7. We have FUN in everything we do. We want our Members and Our Corporate Office teams to love what they do and bring fun everywhere they go. Trips, contests and events should breathe new life into each of us.