Going beyond normal nutrition!

Changing your normal nutrition will change your life!



Common foods simply don’t provide the nutrition we need. Superfoods are foods that are nutrient-dense and possess a greater amount of health supportive compounds than many of the popular foods we tend to eat. Awareness and demand for these foods has increased recently as people are looking for ways to eat better and improve their health.

Eggs, walnuts and Brussels sprouts are among the Superfoods found on grocery store shelves, but even more powerful Superfoods are found in supplement form. RBC Life is the long-time leader in delivering these potent sources of food-based nutrients. The Superfood Starter Pack contains our high-quality Aloe vera juice, organic Spirulina and green foods powder along with our powerful antioxidant beverage and signature mineral-based antioxidant.


Get the super nutrition your body needs!

Pack your diet with super nutrition that goes beyond the normal grocery store shelf.

Boost Your Day with Super Nutrition!

Experience the benefits of adding Superfoods to your nutritional regimen with the Superfood Starter Pack. It offers a simple solution for meeting your body’s demand for powerful nutrition with products that are convenient and easy to use.

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As an athlete, good nutrition is important. I think RBC Life’s Microhydrin® and Spirulina are awesome.

M. Gebhardt
Olympic Medal Winner


Get the super nutrition your body needs!

Pack your diet with super nutrition that goes beyond the normal grocery store shelf.

Superfood pack

RBC Life’s Superfood products are minimally processed and fully tested in our GMP-certified lab. Our goal at RBC Life has always been to exceed industry standards in our commitment to delivering pure, potent, quality nutritional products.

OliViva® harnesses the power of the world’s most legendary Superfoods in one energizing drink. One ounce of OliViva® gives you the antioxidant power of over ten servings of fruits and vegetables! It contains olive leaf extract from freshly harvested, organically grown olive leaves, green tea and the antioxidant power of Kona Red fruit to combat free radicals, support immunity, enhance mental clarity and boost your energy.

Green Phyto-Power, a concentrated source of organic green vegetables, is packed with the nutritional power of wheat grass, barley grass, alfalfa, and more. With no chopping or juicing required, you can consume cleansing vegetables in a delicious smoothie that will nourish your body on a cellular level.

One of the most popular Superfoods in the world is Spirulina. It is the most nutritionally complete food on the planet, and a rich part of RBC Life’s history. One of our company founders, Dr. Christopher Hills, did more than anyone to bring the benefits of Spirulina to light in America. It is rich in complete protein, numerous phytonutrients, and chlorophyll, which cleanses the body of toxins and heavy metals.

Microhydrin® is a unique Superfood not found anywhere else. It is a top selling product because people love the way they feel with Microhydrin®! This uniquely powerful antioxidant supplies your body the building blocks to create cellular energy. It also helps to offset the acidic nature of our diets by balancing the body’s pH. Within the proper pH range, the body can exercise its amazing capacity to restore itself.

Get started today with your Superfood Starter Pack and boost your nutrition with the convenience of Superfoods.


Get the super nutrition your body needs!

Pack your diet with super nutrition that goes beyond the normal grocery store shelf.


Thank you RBC Life for your wonderful supplements. They have given me energy and improved my immune system. They have been life changing for myself and my family.

Dr. Crago