Developing products for today’s lifestyle.

Our daily routines have dramatically changed and so has our body’s need for the best nutrition.


Formulated from the purest form of ingerdients and including nothing but what needs to be in the product is there.


We make sure every product delivers the full support your body needs to maintain proper health.


Our supplements must not only be effective and pure but must also be easy to work into your busy schedule.


We internally test our products twice after manufacture to ensure that they are as clean, pure and accurate as we state.


Pure Life.

Many times it’s not about what’s in a product, but about what’s not in the product.

I formulate all our products to include the best form of ingredients available, but also leave everything out that is not essential, or worse, bad for your body.

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Simple. Pure. Convenient.

Every busy lifestyle can benefit from nutrient-dense, powerful smoothies. What is missed too often is a perfect protein base that is not only super delicious, but also made from pure ingredients you recognize and trust.

• Five simple ingredients
• 20g of concentrated protein
• Non-GMO
• Gluten-free
• No artificial sweeteners



Product Testing.

Our product quality assurance includes multiple tests after manufacturing on every product we sell before we will ship it to you.

• Nutritional content must meet or exceed label claim
• Microbiology testing to ensure safety and purity from harmful bacteria, yeast and mold
• pH, ORP and surface tension when applicable
• Allergen tests to determine that common allergens are not present
• GMO testing when applicable
• Heavy metal testing
• Dissolvability/disintegration testing
• Shelf life stability testing