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Healthy Cell

Health begins at a cellular level, and RBC Life has always been on the cutting-edge of delivering research-backed products that support the body’s vital cellular functions. The Healthy Cell Starter Pack is an incredible introductory offer on our two most popular products for optimum cellular protection and rejuvenation.

If you have struggled to find answers for health issues or you want to take a powerful stand against the signs of aging, supporting your health at the cellular level may offer the breakthrough you’ve been looking for.


Start supporting your body's cells now!

You can start giving your body nutrition at the cellular level today.

Healthy Support at the Cellular Level

Clinical Evaluation of Stem-Kine™

Stem cell scientists at major universities and research organizations conducted a 14-day human clinical pilot study reported in a peer-reviewed publication. Stem cell levels rose to a 100% increase over two weeks.

The Journal of Translational Medicine, Dec. 2009.

Microhydrin® Protection Against Oxidative Stress

A double blind placebo controlled crossover pilot study was conducted on 7 subjects who received 4 capsules/day of Microhydrin® for two weeks and received 4 capsules/day of a placebo for two weeks.

Unpublished data: Gary Osborn, R.Ph. and Herriberto Salinas, MD., Texas Institute of Functional Medicines, 1999

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After I began taking Microhydrin® my energy was better, my well-being was better and I had more endurance. Although I am 66 years of age today, I feel like I am in my early fifties!

Dr. Packovich


Start supporting your body's cells now!

You can start giving your body nutrition at the cellular level today.

Healthy Cell pack

Stem-Kine™ is a unique supplement made with all natural ingredients and vitamin D through a proprietary fermentation process. This product nourishes the bone marrow to enable your body to produce an increased level of circulating stem cells.

Stem cells are the body’s primary repair and rejuvenation system. When any part of your body is damaged, stem cells rush to the site of injury. They infiltrate the damaged tissue and transform into the cell type of that particular tissue. This process generates new healthy tissue cells. They are a vital part of the body’s effort to achieve optimal health.

Studies indicate that the higher number of stem cells you have circulating in your body, the greater health you can achieve. Encouraging a higher level of stem cells is the most natural way to repair and rejuvenate the body, giving it the tools it needs to support optimal health.

Our stem cell production declines with age, but two published studies show that 2 capsules of Stem-Kine™ twice per day can increase stem cell production by up to 100% over a period of two weeks! Don’t leave your body’s stem cell production to chance. Stem-Kine™ is research-backed and proven to support optimal stem cell production.

Microhydrin® from RBC Life is a powerful research-backed antioxidant. Protecting our cells with powerful antioxidants is also of critical importance, especially in this modern age of constant cellular assault. Radiation, pollution, and toxins in our food supply can damage our cells and contribute to unexpected health challenges. Arming yourself with a powerful antioxidant is critical in this day and age.

The trillions of electrons available in Microhydrin® help protect your cells from free radical damage and help create healthy, oxygenated, energized cells. It is a top selling product because people love the way they feel with Microhydrin®! This uniquely powerful antioxidant supplies your body the building blocks to create cellular energy. It also helps to offset the acidic nature of our diets by balancing the body’s pH. Within the proper pH range, the body can exercise its amazing capacity to restore itself. Our ongoing research and over a decade of faithful consumers have proven its immense value.

Support optimum production of your body’s stem cells while also protecting your cells from harmful free radicals.


Start supporting your body's cells now!

You can start giving your body nutrition at the cellular level today.


As a result of an accident, my shoulder was ‘frozen’ for several years. I could not raise my arm high enough to hold my hair dryer. After I began taking Stem-Kine™ I could move my arm up over my head with no discomfort.