A pioneer in research.

Combining the very best of science and nature with a passion for quality, effectiveness and innovation.

Unlocking the secret.

Clinton Howard is known best for his pioneering work with the miraculous Aloe vera plant. In the 80’s he led and funded the scientific team that discovered the most powerful immune support component of Aloe vera, a long chain polysaccharide that was named Acemannan.

Mr. Howard had studies conducted in universities confirming that the mannose polysaccharide offered profound support to the cells that make up our immune system. Publication of this research gave Aloe vera its much-deserved recognition as an important nutritional product. Today, it is one of the world’s most desired ingredients in the wellness industry.

A Crowning Achievement.

After a successful career, Mr. Howard retired from the medical world but remained passionate about Aloe vera, and he knew that his discovery was benefiting people all over the world. Dissatisfied with the inferior aloe products in the marketplace, he decided to create RBC Life for the purpose of bringing people the highest quality Aloe vera products.

RBC Life has grown into a global company that offers a complete line of the finest nutritional and personal care products available anywhere. It has expanded from a small home-based business to one that now operates across North America, Asia Pacific and Eastern Europe.

He chose to distribute his products through a network of caring Members who shared his passion for helping people achieve better health through superior wellness products. Through the power of network marketing, countless RBC Life Members have experienced improved health, financial security and personal development as a result of their dedication. They carry his message forward globally introducing new generations to the RBC Life mission.

Although Clinton Howard’s accomplishments are impressive, including the founding of a hospital and numerous awards for his philanthropic endeavors, he considers the establishment of RBC Life to be his crowning achievement. He founded the company not to make a living for himself, but to make living better for others, and he has done so for millions of people all over the world for 25 years.