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Few people know their passion and live it each day like Clinton Howard. He has always known part of his life’s purpose was to discover the secrets of the Aloe vera plant and bring its miraculous immune supportive properties to the world.

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Mission Statement

RBC Life was created to help people realize their unlimited potential and improve their lives. Through our Pure Life products, we deliver health, energy and vitality to families all over the globe. We are committed to doing this through Members who have the desire to share with others. Our Abundant Life rewards program offers the compensation to give those Members financial security and personal growth in return.



RBC Life has always believed in giving back. Our founder Clinton Howard and his wife Kathy are well known in their community for their charitable giving, fundraising and volunteer efforts that enrich the lives of others. This spirit of giving is embedded into who we are at RBC Life. Through our global reach, we are able to impact lives not only in our community but around the world.

We have partnered with organizations such as Operation Blessing to deliver Mr. Howard’s unique Acemannan-rich immune support product, VitAloe®, to children who desperately need, but can’t afford, nutritional support.

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We currently have a partnership with Convoy of Hope, a large and highly effective charitable organization committed to helping those in poverty stricken areas of the world. As RBC Life Members work together to support Convoy of Hope, we are giving life to those in need.

For as little as $10 per month, you can change the life of a child in need through Convoy of Hope’s international Children’s Feeding Program. Currently, over 145,000 children in 10 countries are given nutritious food through this incredible outreach. This is in addition to their other services including disaster relief, where Convoy of Hope is among the first to respond to tragic situations around the world. Women’s empowerment initiatives and help for impoverished farmers help to create an income for families so their children are fed and cared for long term.

RBC Life is working to Give Life to those in need through our partnership with Convoy of Hope, which involves product donations and financial contributions. Join us in helping to bring lives back to normal for thousands of underprivileged families. It’s easy to Give Life through RBC Life. As we help our Members create an Abundant Life for themselves, we hope that out of that abundance, even more lives are changed.

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